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In this edition of SLECAN TIMES the general news team brings you interesting news bulleting based on the school and its environment.

The students of Junior High School three(3) paid a visit to St. Basilides vocational school in kaleo where they learnt use of a lot of machines. They visited the various including the carpentry department, building and construction, electrical department, metalwork department and fashion designing.


March 2018 - News Team Report


Report By News team

The school management along side with the P.T.A. managed to put up a wall. The wall was mainly put up to ensure that students always safe and to make sure that students do not break their bounds. The wall also separates the students from the F.I.C. Brothers and the In Service Training center. The visit ground was also level to improve upon the look of the environment and to make easy for parents to park their vehicles.

December 2017 - Report By News Team (2017/2018)


Report By News Team

The various houses of F.I.C St. Louis educational complex from Red house, Yellow house, Green house and Blue house to St. Benardus, Cardinal Dery, St. Vincent De Paul and St. Louis Rutten house respectively. The names were changed by the school management along with the General Superior of the F.I.C. Brothers to ensure that students grow to imitate the lives the saints which their houses have been named after.
For Slecan Time News:
BELAAR ERIC reporting

October 2017 - Report By News Team (2017/2018)


Report By News Team

The school management was able to drill two bores hole to reduce or if possible put an end to water problems of the school. Once in a while, we would wake up to realize that the whole school had run out of water. But now that there is an additional borehole, we will have an uninterrupted supply of water in the school.

September 2008 - June 2010

Slecan Poetry/Jokes


"Little by little", said the thoughtful child
It is always by drops of water that an occean is formed
Momentum by momentum,
I will engross

Never going to bestow my tenure on gambols
Rather, I will take pains for the future
And whatever I do I will do it worthily
"Little by little said the thoughtful child
         Thank you.


How would I survive to relish you and my achievements?
You are fragile.
I am always baldly shaken when I think of losing.
Today abroad smile, tomorrow a tragedy.
Ah! Life you're a cheat.
Carpenters everywhere with smiles on giving out coffins to members of the fallen tree.
Life is a tragedy for the poor,
A comedy for the rich,
And a game for fools.
Life can easily betray me living death to lay its icy hands on me.
My dear friends, let's try to live a positive life for the route is too short and we do not know when life will betray.
Thank you.


The way a crow shook down on me
The dust of snow from a hemlock tree
Has change of heart a mood
And save some part of the day
I had ruled.

Mother Ghana! Mother Ghana!
You are my pride,
You are my abode of imperturbability.

Your civilization have made your name great
Indeed you are my pride
You are blessed among all.

In many tribes, we remain one
You are my life
Mother Ghana, I am proud to be a Ghanaian.
Thank you.

Sweet mother how loving and kind you are
You bore all my troubles through my life
I will never forget you

You held me close when I no one,
You forgot yourself and saw to my comfort,
Your love is so great.

You are the best of all mothers,
My future is bright because of you,
You are my pride and happiness.
       Thank you.

What is book?
It is a set of printed pages put together
It informs, educates and entertain

It is the leader of every tunnel
Education is gained because of book
When it is gained it is cherished

It is the brain of every eye
It promises a bright future
Take a book today and surely tomorrow will be know.

Thank you.

The way a crow shook down on me
The dust of snow from a hemlock tree
Has change of heart a mood
And save some part of the day
I had ruled.





A boy was in the same taxi with an old man. He pulled out some chocolates from his bag and began eating them. The man's mouth began to water so he said, "It is not good eating too much chocolates.'' The boy said,"My grandpa lived long." The man asked," Why?" The boy replied, "Because he mind his own business."

A cobler bought some food which was a handfull.
As he sat he sat down to eat, a man with a rotten hand put his hand into the food. The cobler knew he wasn't satisfied. He looked at the man's hand and the quantity of food. In no time, he licked up the man's hand.



A man stole a T.V. and 4got the remote. People started chasing him. A mad man ran ahead of them and caught up with the man. The people stopped running and began praising the mad man. After several hours of beating the thief, the mad man gave him a remote and said, "How can you steal T.V. and leave remote. Are you a fool?

MAIK: Ah!.. at last I can hardly wait



A man wants to zip up his trousers. A lady told him politely, ''Your garage is opened''. He smiles as he zips up up and says, ''Did u see my Black Range over Sport parked inside?''. She smiles back and says, ''No, a jux small Toyota Vitz with two flat tyres''.

Story Story



Once- there lived Ananse, his wife and children in Anansekrome. They had a very big farm. Ananse's wife Okondore Yaananse and his eldest child Ntikuma, were very hardworking.
Their farm was the biggest farm in the village due to their hard work, the Ananse’s family had a bumper harvest that year.
Kwaku Ananse did not want his family to enjoy the harvest with his family. He told his wife he was sick and he had the feeling he would die. He said his coffin should not be nailed and all the cooking utensils should be inside the grave. He said his grave should not be covered.
Not long after he wished, he died. His unsuspecting family did not go against his wish. The mourners and the family members were surprised about how he was buried.
In the night, Ananse got up from his grave. He harvested some of the crops and prepared a delicious meal. Then he
drunk water and ran back into hiding before day-broke. A week passed by and Ananse's family started noticing that some of the crops were disappearing. At first, they thought some thieves were taking advantage of their father's death and were stealing from their farm.
One month passed, two months......the farm was getting empty. The children were convinced that some wicked thieves were stealing their crops. Ntikuma came up with a plan. He would set up a trap to catch the thief.
He carved a live-sized man and painted it with a very sticky glue. He kept that carved image in the farm. In the night Ananse came out and just as he was about to start cooking, he saw the carved image. He approached it thinking it was another person who had come to the farm. Ananse spoke to the image, and when it did not speak back, he hit hard. His hand got stuck to the glue. Then he hit again with leg, and it also got stuck. Both legs and the also got stack to the image. No matter how hard he tried, he could not free himself. Ananse was glued the whole night.
In the morning, Ntikuma went to the farm. When he saw the man hanging on the carved image,he did not know it was his father. He left him hanging there and he rushed to the village and called everybody to go and see the thief he had caught.                                           

You can imagine Ananse's shame as he was surrounded by almost the whole village. They hooted at him and called him all kind of names.                           


Once there lived a young girl by name Adasa. She lived with her step mother in a small town in the Brong-Ahafo Region called Nipa-n-ye.
Her step mother , Madam Pebiribiye, was  so cruel to the girl that, Adasa couldn't understand why, Adasa was left alone to prepare the meals but her step mother would share the food among her children and ask Adasa to go out and look for something else to eat.
Madame Pebnribye acted very bad towards Adasa.Sometimes,she would throw her clothes if Adasa stayed a bit longer ibn town and came home late.
One day,she locked the door to their room and Adasa had to sleep in the bathroom for the night.And another occassion she burnt all her clothings.
One sad thing about Adasa was that she didin't know she had lost her parents through a lorry accident and that man she was told to be her father was not true.So she had no mother and knew not who her father was.She was therefore,left in mercy of this cruel mother.
In life,when a door closes on one side,nature opens the other side. Fortunately for Adasa, there was a man called Papabi,who realised the trouble and pain she 
was going though.He took it upon himself to care for her welfare. He helped her in almost everything including feeding and clothing that will make her feel that she was not alone in the world. He sent her to learn and trade as a seamtress. The next move was to leave the house and rent a room. All these were made possible by the charible man.
When Adasa finall, left the house of her step-mother, the mother began to face serious problems in her life. First, her store was robbed, two weeks later, her room got burnt leaving three of her children killed by fire. Also not a pin of hers was left for her. That was the price she had to pay for maltreating the orphan girl. As for Adasa, she now leaved in happiness but she kept on praying that God forgives her cruel stepmother.


Title;Three Fools But Wise

Just as they were walking on the street, Margret replied; Naveeda do you know that if we go home mummy will say that we came without Elizabeth, Naveeda replied; we will say that she was talking to her boyfriend.
[Elizabeth came walking by them]
Margret replied; do you know that while we were walking, Elizabeth was with us, no said Naveeda.
Elizabeth said, I know you people are talking about me.
Margret said that how can we be taking about you who like sneaking on people’s boyfriends and like sleeping with people’s boyfriends.
[They both started quarrelling] and Elizabeth insulted Margret, do you know your parents made a very big mistake by giving birth to you. Margret replied; do you know how your mother insults you whenever you beat me. Today she will kill you if you beat me.


Research Findings


Researcher - Claus 

Seven Biggest Snakes Ever Found

Did you know?

7)  A 33 feet Anaconda was found at a construction site in Brazil, after an explosion. It destroyed four story buildings, it measures 1 meter diameter. The longest snake mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records is Medusa that measures about 25 feet 2 inches long.

6) Brazil River Anaconda was captured in a jar dropping video, they pulled it out of the river water.

5.) Nabau is a very terrible creature which measures 100 feet. It has the ability to transform itself to the shape of other animals

 4) Medusa was found on October 12, 2011 in Kwanza city. It was 25.2 feet long at the time it was considered to be the longest snake ever seen.

3) World’s Longest Snake measures 22.6 feet long and was captured at a Malaysia construction site 2016 but died 3 days later while laying an egg, it was longer than a pick-up truck about 19.3 Feet, it is also longer than Medusa. No one knows why it died after laying an egg.

2) Totanoboa: 60 million years ago after the vast extinction of the Dinosaurs, the startling discovery of Totanoboa was made by a team of scientist. It has the character to challenge a T-Rex.

1) Giant Snake Photo was found during World war a very high ranking pilot was on his way back from a mission. On his way back he was astonished to see a giant snake hovering on the ground below. He went lower to get better photos. When it attacked him, his plane exploded resulting him to die. It was about 50 feet tall and 100 feet long.


Did you know?

The top 10 countries leading in Crime

10) Belgium
9) Sweden
8) Columbia
7) France
6) Jamaica
5) United Kingdom
4) Germany
3) Brazil
2) India
1) United States Of America


Did you know?

   The Worlds shortest man measures 1 Feet 9.5 inches, his name is Chandra Bahadour Dangi. He was born on 30th November 1939 in Kalimati, Salyan district of Nepal.

The meaning of AK 47 is Automatic Kalashnikov 1947, it was first made in India. Its original name is Avotamic Kalashnova 1947.

The neatest Country in the whole wide world  is Singapore.

By: Claus Zieme
EDITOR: Sungnanaah Solomon.

NEETEGE Stephanie

My Secret

Featuring Stephanie Neetege

My name NEETEGE Stephanie I come from BUKINA FASO. My parents are call Mr. and Mrs. NEETEGE.

My best friend name is Isabelle PumPuni she come from BOE in the Upper West Region. The food I best jollof rice with fried egg.

I lived in United Kingdom before staying in Ghana. I live by so many friends, I don’t like friends because friends are sometimes wicked to me. Isabelle is the only friend I have in school. My dream is to go to Indian to study, and to live there and marriage there.

My dream is to be an Astronaut in future. And I will like to be an Educated person in Indian and to learn their culture and language and to learn to eat with and to play with them.

My best game is ludo.

Puuter's Motion


A dialogue between 'Bomoke and vigilant'.
Bomoke; Do you know the former vice president is
VIGILANT;i know, what a nyab.
Bomoke;do you know he has set?
Bomoke;because he could not do sit ups,he died.
Vigilant;its true I even heard he could not lift any thing there.
Bomoke;As for me i pity him.
Vigilant;I also pity him ooh.
Bomoke;Do you know something.We are taking boys and girls morro.
Vigilant; 3yi!men and women.
Bomoke;But lets pray he ressurects like 'Jesus'.
             LOL(Laugh Out Loud)
EDITOR; SUNGNANAAH SOLOMON                             


Pangee;Did you here that the EC BOSSES were fired.
Boss Kpach; Please,i know already.uuuuuuh.What a nyab.
Pangee; The president has set.
Boss Kpach;And so what.
Pangee; I heard they were stealing money.
BOSS kpach;Are you sure.
Pangee;if you want ask 'STONE UEEZY'.
Boss Kpach;for full 'BABS'.
Boss Kpach;is it true that the EC BOSSES were fired and were caught stealing money?
STONE UEEZY;yeah! yeah!
Boss kpach;how many people did they fire.
STONE UEEZY;2 people.
Pangee;EHH!what a lie.they fired 3 people.
BOSS KPACH;how can the presidend just fire them like that.
PANGEE;please,he did not fire them like that.he sent a committee to investigate on the complain he heard.
BOSS KPACH;you know a lot of things.
STONE UEEZY;fuck up.See you later
PANGEE; morro will be the interview for the students who want to attend this school
BOSS KPACH; we have to prepare very well
PANGEE;as for me i'm already prepared.
BOSS KPACH;i have to leave right now. I have something to do.

editor: Stone Ueezy


Sammy's Base

Thomas Alva Edison (February 11 1847 to October 18,1931)was an American inventor  who has been described as America's great inventor. He developed many devices including the phonograph, the motion picture camera and the long lasting electric light bulb dubbed '' The ices that greatly influenced life Wizard Of Menlo Park ''.He was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large scale team work to the process of invention, and often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory. Some of his inventions are sound recorders, Mechanical Vote Recorders, Electric Car Battery etc. One of Edison's great invention that has helped humankind is an ELECTIC LIGHT BULB.

What is the importance of light?.Light is what enables us to see in the dark. As you all know
Thomas Edison  made the bulb as one of his invention .So the light bulb around our homes,
schools, parks etc .Are all form his idea ,Mr. Samuel Edison and Mrs. Nancy Edison (his parents)
encouraged him on his inventions .It has now  made him  great .

You can also encourage anyone on this, those that have the talent to invent things encourage them and they will be famous and you the person that encouraged him or her will also share a part of the fame because if you hadn't encouraged him or her they wouldn't have made that invention that has helped mankind and has made him or her famous. That’s all for now next time we will talk about LEONARDO DA VINCI.

SAMMY'S BASE TEAM-MATES: Samuel Dery, Malina Dongzuing, Wilfred Kpierekoh and Stanislaus Monsosieyiri.

sammys base

Slecan Beats-- Its a Hit Men

In F.I.C, the entertainment section has always been the best section in the school. The students enjoy programs such as variety show, video show, cultural nights and so on. The entertainment masters always try their possible best to give us a nice program. On the 23rd of june,2018,it was a blast in the school. Everybody was enjoying the variety show especially the MAMS collection.


The show started with F.I.C,s cute dancers, Chantal and Tamara. They danced absolutely well that night followed by Bright in class 5,who performed a song entitled ''Bullet Prof''. The most favourite part was the MAMS collection. It occurs any time there a variety show. The members were Mallina, Michelle, Angela and Mariam who currently completed. They displayed spectacular outfits to the congregation. Their modelling was also superb. They really keep F.I.C on fire. the entertainment masters also come together and decide on a nice video for us. This and other moments makes the students happy and sad sometimes. The only problem we faced was the demotion of some of our entertainment prefects. And when the entertainment room key got missing. Our masters did their best to entertain us. We would like to thank them and the entertainment prefect, Bamaa Terrence and the other assistants for their good work. We promise that while we work with the entertainment prefects, entertainment would always be an unforgettable moment.

ntatainment ntatainment ntatainment ntatainment ntatainment ntatainment ntatainment

Pontifice (Our Faith)

Catholics believe that our Lord Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church in the year 33 A.D. Jesus appointed the apostle Peter as the first vicar or pope. Matthew 16:18-19 is the scriptural reference Catholics quote to support this: “And I say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (KJV)
Around the year 45 A.D., Peter went to Rome and assumed control of the Church. During the persecution of Christians by emperor Nero, Peter was imprisoned and scourged. He gave his farewell blessing to all of his flock, and especially to Saint Paul, who was going to be beheaded the same day outside Rome. He was then led to the top of the Vatican Mount to be executed by crucifixion. Deeming himself to be unworthy to die in the same position as our Lord, he asked to be crucified upside down. He received his eternal reward on June 29 in the year 67. Two hundred and sixty six popes have succeeded Peter since.


For the next three hundred years, Rome would begin a serious persecution against the truth. Christians began to meet behind closed doors and gradual changes were made. Elders of the Church were known as bishops, and by the close of the third century each congregation of any size had a bishop as its head with a group of elders under him. No work was to be done on Sundays.
In 306 A.D., Constantine became sole emperor of Rome. His mother Helena became a Christian and urged Constantine to ease up on the persecution of Christians. He decided that Christianity would now be the state religion. Finding much division in the Church, he decided to call a meeting to be held in Nicaea in May 325 A.D. to discuss and unite over the issues that divided the Church. Three hundred and eighteen bishops assembled and established the Nicene creed.
Several doctrines were decreed. (1) The oneness of the Deity (God is One); (2) Easter to be celebrated on the same day everywhere; (3) Preachers not to be married; (4) Certain meats not to be eaten by Bishops on Sunday; (5) A greater recognition to be given to the bishops of Antioch, Constantinople, Alexandria, Rome and Jerusalem. These bishops would be patriarchs, and all authority would be under them.
In 606 A.D., Boniface III was given the title ‘universal bishop’, the Pope of Rome. The word ‘pope’ means father. This marked the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church.
Today there are an estimated 1,038 million Catholics in the world. They make up almost 18% of the world population. The Pope still heads the Church, and priests are urged to remain celibate.

Written by Anyoka Paul,

Edited by Sungnanaah Solomon,

July 2018.

Michelle's Corner



Life they say is short but life cannot be short if we make good use of it as they say” Make hay whiles the sun shines, "must be applied to our lives. The world become so contaminated with lots of bad practices.
Drug abuse, Teenage pregnancy and Immorality are the main issues contaminating
this world. To start with, I will like to talk about DRUG ABUSE in general.
Drug Abuse is the intake of drugs without the prescription of a doctor.          
Drug Abuse is a very regular practice especially in our various homes, workplaces and societies where we live.
Paracetamol is one of the most common drugs which is mostly abused.
They  are countless reasons people abuse drugs.
POVERTY: Poverty affects lots of people especially in the villages ,they cannot afford to buy drugs for sickles.
PLEASURE: Drugs like cocaine, heroine and marijauna are taken because it feels nice when taking it.
Drugs like cocaine are said to be taken in regularly by addicts and others who have started the practice. They feel very high and uncontrollably excited.                          -
-Peer Influence:
-Broken homes:
-Lack of parental guidance:
Our peers now influence us to do lots of things both good and bad. Most of these things are always bad things .This mislead them even when resist.
Broken homes and lack of parental guidance: Children must be watched carefully by parents. They should be given the necessary advice and guidance to keep in the righteous ways and children who leave with broken homes are mostly affected.
Drug Abuse results to a couple of problems which are; Mental disorder.
School dropout.
Mental disorder may affect an individual if he or she has taken drugs such as ;cocaine too much .Addiction occurs when one has taken the drugs or keeps on taking drugs uncontrollably. Most individuals involved drop out of school due to substance or drug abuse they mostly cannot co-operate with others.
Counselling and efficient monitoring of an individual involved. One has to be monitored continuonsly to prevent intake of such drugs again. This happens when one is seriously addicted to drugs such as; cocaine, marijauna.etc. Teenage Pregnancy is a Teenager or an individual between the ages of 13-19.During this period many fall attracted to the opposite sex as they goes through adolescence. That is all time and space can permit me. Always remember to stay safe and respectful. Till I come your way again next edition, this has always been your most educative platform on the slecan Times Magazine, and am yours truly...